This gentle handcream features a selection of nourishing plant oils and butters specifically chosen for their ability to boost the skins natural moisture level and provide sustained hydration. Blended with moisture retaining Manuka honey, vitamin and mineral rich bee pollen and royal jelly, this fragrant handcream keeps skin soothed and nails and cuticles in top condition.

Key ingredients:

Manuka Honey

Royal Jelly

Royal Jelly is a mixture of proteins, fats, carbohydrates mixed with Vitamin B and 17 different amino acids. It also contains 15% aspartic acid which is important for tissue growth and cell regeneration.

Known to improve skin texture and tone Royal Jelly contains amino acids which help maintain skins firmness. The abundance of vitamins and minerals contained in royal jelly make it an excellent choice in skin care.


Bee pollen is often referred to as nature's most complete food. It is an excellent source of protein, nucleic acids, free amino acids and vitamins including B-complex and folic acid and has been reported to assit in the nourishment of skin and stimulation of cell renewal.