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Every now and again we need to remove a product to make room for new products. Our Wild Rose soap is being removed to make room for our new Blossom and Bee handcreme and candles. Stock up now for Christmas. Wild Rose soap produces a rich creamy lather with the exquisite aroma of Wild Rose. Triple milled to ensure purity, consistency and long lasting quality. The soft pink colour is from natural micas and the stunning fragrance is from pure essential oils.

Key ingredients:

Rosehip (Rosa Canina) Oil

Rosehip Oil is very beneficial to the skin as 80% of its constituents are essential fatty acids, namely oleic acid, linoleic acid and linolenic acid.  These are known as essential fatty acids making this oil ideal for mature skins, prematurely aged and devitalised skin.

Rosehip oil also contains Vitamins A & C which help soothe and heal scars and recurring dry skin conditions.

Rose Geranium Essential Oil

This essential oil not only smells amazing but is also very therapeautic. Helping with the treatment of acne, cuts, dermatitis and eczema.

The essential oil of Rose Geranium acts as a natural cleanser and hydrator. This essential oil also serves as an anti aging agent as it tightens muscle tissues, keeping skin from premature sagging.