An amazingly effective and relaxing facial massage that makes you look and feel so good.

A lot of you probably have not heard of Gua Sha boards before (pronounced GWA SHA) but this facial massage practice has been used for thousands of years in China. Similar to the Jade Roller, however, the Gua Sha really gets deep into the face and you can get a more intense massage out of it.
This is a much gentler version than the body Gua Sha. It involves a light gliding motion to tone, lift and smooth the skin.
Always in an upward and outward motion, the same goes when applying your oils and creams as well mind you!!! Make sure to check out our Hayely Benseman Golden Dew Drops – its a beautiful oil to match with our Gua Sha.

As you gently scrape the skin, with the crystal held on a slight angle, micro-circulation is improved which brings oxygenated blood to the dermal layers clearing congestion, stimulating cell renewal and brightening your complexion. This rush of blood (which you will see as your skin goes quite red after a session) will bring some much-needed nutrients for tissue repair – acne scars anyone?
Facial Gua Sha nz most importantly will drain lymphatic fluid that builds up in the face, which will help remove toxins! So important for skin health.

You can even use it on your tense shoulder muscles as a self-massage! Your own pressure dictates how deep you can massage and it just feels amazing!
It takes about 5 minutes of gentle ‘scraping’ as they call it  – but really you do not need to give it a specific time frame, just do what feels right and you’ll find your rhythm. Just make sure you do not press too hard!! So important. We don’t want to bruise our faces. Just a light pressure which is all you need as your lymphatic vessels are close to the skin anyway. Always scrape toward the edges of your face. just think ‘ up and out – up and out’. So easy and relaxing.

If you hold a lot of tension in your jaw – if you are a perfectionist or you get anxious then using this will help release the tension build-up you are holding in that area.

When using a Gua Sha nz massager you need to use a facial oil to give the crystal glide over your skin, you do not want to drag dry skin.

This Rose Quartz crystal is so smooth to the touch and has a nice weight to hold.
It comes in a reusable burlap natural fibers pouch (great for travel)!
Instructions for use are on the inside.

Crystal measurements – Approx 5cm x 8cm.
Because natural crystals are never exactly the same your rose quartz will always be unique in its shade of pink, individual markings and shaping.

How to care for your crystal gua sha nz massager.
Because this is a piece of crystal, if dropped or really mishandled then it could crack or break.
It is quite solid so this will not happen easy – but always look after your precious things.

Safe during pregnancy for ‘facial & neck massage’ not body.

Note: All Rose Quartz Gua Sha’s come cleansed and cleared using Selenite xx