Moisturising & Comforting...Pregnancy oil Intensified with an infusion of organic Calendulas & Mandarin.

Trialed through Hayley's last pregnancy with the most fantastic results, Hayley wishes she'd made it before her last two.
It spreads amazingly over your baby puku and growing body and leaves you feeling so soft.

Minimizes itchiness from the rapid tummy growth (yay) that in turn will decrease the opportunity for stretch marks to form as you won’t be scratching and tearing the skin as much. 

This oil will help your tummy stretch to accommodate that beautiful baby and minimise your chance of getting stretch marks.
This oil is packed full of natural oils which will help heal and reduce the size and redness of new stretch marks or general scars.
Not to mention the smooth healing thickness of this oil is perfect for a newborn (3 months +)  baby massage!

Slightly slow to absorb but worth the wait.

A beautiful product to pair this oil with is our Hayley Benseman Golden Dew Drops – a high quality simple blend of oils for your face that is safe during pregnancy.

Directions: Pump out enough oil to cover the area you want to treat, then massage oil in.

To seal: If you are travelling or storing away after initially opening the lid, then you should wind the lid down (in a twist fashion) till it is sealed.
That way you won’t lose any precious oil!

And! if you have any oil left then use it as a baby massage oil. It has a beautiful thickness to smooth over new babies skin, and uses a low% dilution of a baby safe oil – mandarin.

100ml Amber glass bottle with plastic pump lid that screws shut – return jar (post use) to be reused.

Blended in NZ

Avoid if you have a Hazelnut Nut allergy.
Skin patch testing is recommended for this pregnancy oil. If irritation occurs rinse immediately and discontinue use.
Mildly phototoxic, do not go sunbathing the skin you applied it to for a few hours after application, or put sunblock on top.
In the unlikely event of a negative reaction, see your healthcare professional.
Use within 1 year.

*External Use Only*