Herbal & Fresh...nhanced with delicious Apricot and a NEW ‘local’ Hemp seed Oil (grown and made in Wanganui)! Hayley Benseman loves to back our local economy! 

Oil cleansing is a very traditional way of cleaning the face and it really is effective! This cleanser literally melts your makeup and dirt right off your face.

Safe for dry, eczema, sensitive or rashy skin.

This natural oil cleanser is perfect for maturing skin as the blend used is jam-packed full of fatty acids, vitamins and amino acids!
Frankincense essential oil is a great stress reliever and also is perfect for dry or maturing skin.

If you wear makeup no problem, this cleanser will melt it away very gently without the need for harsh chemical cleansers.

When setting out to make this cleanser (on many requests by her initial customers) Hayley’s aim was to make a cleanser that just did the job, but in being trialled by many troubled skin types has found it has been very beneficial to easing acne symptoms!

This is because when cleaning with oil it counteracts the oil on our skin, so when cleaning it off we don’t strip our natural oils.
This means our skin doesn’t have to go into overdrive producing lots of sebum (which is our problem in the first place). Really this is an oil cleanser for all skin types!