Peach Blossom handcreme is formulated to absorb quickly, leaving your skin soft & moisturised. Rich natural plant oils, Manuka honey, Peach extract & plant based antioxidants are carefully combined to deliver superior hydration.

Key ingredients:

Manuka Honey

Shea Butter (Butyrospermum Parkii)

Sourced from the nut of the native African tree. Shea nut butter contains high levels of Oleic acid and Stearic acid. It is rich in vitamins in A & E and offers exceptional moisturising and protective properties along with anti-inflammatory benefits.

It penetrates the skin easily and results in a softer, plumper texture. The phenolic compounds found in Shea butter provide anti-aging benefits and the phytosterol, triterpene & cinnamic acid offer natural sun protection.  Great for dry and sensitive skin.